A Moon and Its Five Stars

I love to draw analogies between my life and that of someone else who lived centuries ago. One life that comes to mind is that of a young Hebrew boy named Joseph who lived in a time before the birth of Christ. Written in the pages of Joseph’s life, I not only found some similarities […]

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Nothing New Under the Sun

A mother’s job in our society today is not an easy one. Please do not misconstrue my words and take this to mean that a father’s job is easier. It’s just that a mother’s job can be challenging regardless of the woman’s marital status. There are married women with children who face the same hardships […]

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A Wonderful Read

  I just finished reading—or should I say—I just finished listening to Kim Coles’ new book titled Open Your G.I.F.T.S.: 22 Lessons on Finding and Embracing Your Personal Power. I purchased her book on Kindle and listened to it through use of a software tool that reads electronic documents aloud. The rewind button was pushed many times […]

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