Young at Heart

A sweet compliment directed towards a sixty-five-year-old woman, mother of five, and grandmother of eighteen—was meant to land on my ears and deliver with it joy during a moment typically filled with sorrow. There I was sitting in my wheelchair at the hospital after undergoing my daily round of radiation treatment for the breast cancer […]

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A little girl’s dream

  Photo by Phinishing Touches (@PhinishingTouch)   Growing up on The Hill presented many challenges for a young girl from a poor family, but those challenges did not prevent me from dreaming about having a large church wedding when I got older. Without a doubt, I shared this dream with millions of other young girls […]

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Sex Addiction

When I was a young girl growing up in West Virginia during the 50’s and 60’s open discussion about Sex Addiction would have been off limits with my parents and with most other adults for that matter. More than likely, the average family in the United States probably dodged this forbidden topic at the dinner […]

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Share a #FunnyRatStory

  I have several funny stories that deal with rats, but my most favorite story involved my father, a baseball bat, and the big house.   Imagine the excitement bubbling over inside a little girl when she is informed that the family will be relocating from the small dilapidated home that had housed her since […]

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No pity for the poor

There were two young girls who grew up in a small city whose population could not have been more than 15,000. The city resided in a rural area that lacked the hustle and bustle found in your major city. By most people’s standards the one young girl came from a wealthy family and the other […]

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