No pity for the poor


There were two young girls who grew up in a small city whose population could not have been more than 15,000. The city resided in a rural area that lacked the hustle and bustle found in your major city. By most people’s standards the one young girl came from a wealthy family and the other had been born into a poor family. The rich girl’s family provided her with everything that money could buy. She wore brand new clothes and had been given the latest toys for her birthday and Christmas. In fact, her parents were very protective of her as she was their only child, and they watched her very closely as she played outside with the other kids. Her parents had already planned her future for her, and they were making sure that everything was in place for her to achieve all her dreams which included an education beyond high school. The poor girl’s family consisted of a mother and father; however, they struggled and were barely able to provide her with the necessities in life. Most of her clothes were hand-me-down clothes given to her mother from other families, and her toys were used. Both of her parents worked hard outside of the home and the money they made was just enough to keep the household afloat. Their schedules had them so that they could not keep a watchful eye on her as she grew. Despite the poor girl’s situation, she had just one dream and that was to one day grow up and have a beautiful family of her own not marked by poverty. Because of her current family life, the poor girl held on to this one dream from the time she was small. She walked in the joy of knowing that her future held a different outcome. The hop in her steps and the excitement in her conversation reflected this. There then came a man unto the young rich girl and he had relations with her and she conceived. She gave birth to a girl. Because of the rich girl’s parents, the man was forced to make things right and married the rich girl. Giving birth to a daughter did not prevent her from continuing down the path laid out by her parents. The same man then approached the young poor girl and against her will he had relations with her and she also conceived. She however gave birth to a son. The man of course did not make things right with her, nor did her parents see to it that he took care of his responsibilities. She became infatuated with the man and lost sight of her one dream. The rich girl—still married to the man—had two more daughters and eventually fulfilled her parents’ expectations. While the poor girl gave birth to four more sons by the same man. Her situation worsened. In a similar Bible story told by the prophet Nathan, king David had pity and became angry at the man who took away the one special thing the poor individual had. In fact, king David would have sentenced the man to death after forcing him to restore to the poor individual fourfold. However, in the case of the two young girls no pity was ever shown to the young poor girl.


Photo and Graphics by Phinishing Touches LLC.


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