A Wonderful Read



I just finished reading—or should I say—I just finished listening to Kim Coles’ new book titled Open Your G.I.F.T.S.: 22 Lessons on Finding and Embracing Your Personal Power. I purchased her book on Kindle and listened to it through use of a software tool that reads electronic documents aloud. The rewind button was pushed many times whenever I arrived at the end of each short story. Each woman who shared her heartfelt story deserves an applause. The different challenges faced by each woman in the book, I know were difficult and very personal to the individual involved. It helped me to realize that women in our society have experienced hardships similar to and quite different from mine. There were women who made it triumphantly through the fire only to shine bright as gold, while some of us find ourselves still being refined in life’s fires. This book along with Kim’s encouragement has inspired me to write and share my own story. It gave me the courage to seek out a qualified literary agent for A Moon and Its Five Stars: The Memoir of Lindsey Mae Foster so that my story may one day be read or listened to aloud by others for inspiration. I recommend Open Your G.I.F.T.S.: 22 Lessons on Finding and Embracing Your Personal Power by Kim Coles to any woman who would like to learn vicariously from others.


Photo by Phinishing Touches LLC

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